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Our diversified Expert Project consulting company provides services in many fields both to our Russian and Foreign Clients.

We offer our Russian Clients all kinds of design project documentation development, including sections of the project documentation that are obligatory according to Russian regulations, namely, Industrial Safety, Fire Safety, etc. Also we provide industrial expertise services of both existing facilities and design projects, process solutions safety and efficiency evaluation.


  • expert evaluation of industry facilities of any type;
  • vast experience in the field of industrial facilities construction and experetise;
  • effective solutions due to our knowledge and experience;
  • strict conformance to Russian laws and regulations due to thorough acquaintance with ones;
  • all the documentation undergoes authorization bodies approval;
  • short terms and high performance level.

We offer our Foreign Client companies and organizations all kinds of advisory services and assistance when entering Russian market.

Complexity of the Russian industrial regulations makes installation of the designed abroad industrial facility virtually impossible, even in case of simple transfer of the existing and functioning facility.

Also, Companies that plan to enter Russian market with process equipment would meet complications registering and approving their production.

Having long-term experience in successful communication with Western and Chinese companies we offer unrivaled efficiency of our services:

  • no language barriers;
  • vast experience;
  • deep understanding of the Western mentality as well as Eastern philosophy.
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